When I’m not working, I’m probably doing one of a couple of things: I’m spending time with my two sons, helping my wife run our co-business Slow North, playing music, or trying to get some exercise.

If you were to ask anyone about me, they would say I’m passionate and easy to get along with. I argue as if I’m right, and listen as if I’m wrong. I try and be self-aware, so that I can be of service to a larger mission – whether that’s raising kids, running a business, working on a team, or just playing music with friends.

Entrepreneur & Founder

I’ve founded 5 companies over the last decade. The latest is Slow North, which I founded in 2015 along with my wife, Michelle. Now 15+ employers, Slow North is a manufacturer of all-natural hand-made home goods. We’re carried in Anthopologie, Nordstroms, Lou & Grey, Marriott Courtyard and other national retailers. We’ve been featured in the Magnolia Journal, Texas Monthly, New York Magazine and many other national publications.

Starting companies has given me a ground-level insight into business formation and capital. New businesses, even small businesses, are capital intensive. Money is always tight, cashflow always an issue. I’ve learned that this is a blessing – it keeps you lean, and keeps you close to market demand for your products or services.

Successful businesses don’t just win by creating excellent experiences, they also create a sustainable financial structure. Financial metrics, controls and visibility are key to building a business that works in the long term.

Indeed, slim operating budgets creates endless opportunities for creativity. Size then becomes a function of the market demand.

With over a decade practicing user-centered design , a focus on the customer is key. Consumer needs and preferences shift, and no business is safe from a changing consumer mindset. User-focused product development, user experience design, design thinking methodology and iterative, agile processes help businesses stay connected with their most important stakeholder: their customer.


With a degree in painting, I quickly transitioned to digital design and then into user experience and digital interface design in around 2008. Since then, I’ve worked as an individual contributor and as a team leader. When I was in art school, I was singularly focused on the end product. Since then I’ve evolved. I’ve learned to appreciate the process. In the digital world and ‘IRL’, I’ve realized that your work as a designer is never done. Iterations, releases, improvements and feedback are an endless cycle, and one I’ve come to appreciate.


I’ve been a teacher longer than I’ve been a designer. In college I taught at our campus’ ‘Writing Center’ to help students be better at expressing themselves. I’ll be teaching a 10-week UX bootcamp at General Assembly, one of the country’s leading institutions for educating future tech employees: engineers, product managers, visual designers and UX designers. Teaching in the evenings will allow me to crystalize my UX knowledge and give me a valuable opportunity to practice public speaking, leadership and mentorship. Not to mention, students are excellent teachers.

Lately I’ve come to appreciate how important in-person communication is for getting things done inside of companies. Teaching and other public speaking opportunities helps me become a much more effective designer and leader.


I self-publish articles on design, UX and business on LinkedIn, Medium and on my own blog at enterpriseux.co. Writing helps me process projects, skills and industry trends. When I learn about student needs in my teaching, writing helps build a portfolio of valuable learning that I can pass on to various student cohorts. I enjoy the challenge of writing, and have been writing articles on UX for the last 6 years.

Father of two

I’m the father of two amazing boys. I think a lot about how being a dad has given me more empathy for all people. It’s made me appreciate how integral our childhood experiences are on the rest of our lives.

Amateur musician

I’ve been playing music since about 2008. I’ve accepted that I can continue my musical journey through the chaos of a full life. I’m grateful to have the time a few hours a week where I can sing, play guitar, make electronic music – experiment, have fun and blow of steam.

Technical experience

I have over a decade of professional experience working on visual and user experience projects both tactical and strategic. I have 5 years professional experience coding HTML and CSS and have been using Jquery since 2009. I’ve founded 3 companies and in 2011 took part in my first IPO, at Homeaway.com. My latest position is as Director of Visual and User Experience Design at TurnKey Vacation Rentals.

On my blog Enterprise UX, I write about issues related to designing products for enterprise companies. I cover current design trends and issues specific to making complex products for a limited set of users.

In addition to this portfolio of my best work, you can also find sketches and ideas on Dribbble; screencapture videos on Vimeo; or, Connect with me on LinkedIn.