Not every designer is a born diplomat - but that's where I excel. I've been crafting user-centered designs for 10+ years, helping teams thrive by elevating the people around me. See 14 recommendations on LinkedIn

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Interactive Trivia

Live Trivia. Interactive Trivia. Trivia At. No matter, what you call it, the concept behind Atmosphere's Interactive Trivia is a revolutionary leap for gaming, backed by the fastest-ever growing streaming platform for businesses.

Presentation @SXSW

I used a condensed version of material I developed during my time at General Assembly.

During my 90-minute presentation, I detailed my approach to mapping customer journeys across time, touchpoints, emotions and more.

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Executive Coaching

6-month engagement / executive coaching with Adaptive Path founder and author Jesse James Garrett

Instructor, General Assembly

2-year engagement to instruct intro to UX and customer journey mapping courses for reputable school General Assembly


Passive investor in 7-figure lifestyle business Slow North